Adults can benefit from having Tethered Oral Tissues (TOT’s) released just as infants and children. This particular adult had complications and complaints of neck & shoulder tension, limited opening, poor muscle function and lift of the tongue. After a complete functional evaluation, the patient had a frenectomy¬† along with Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and her symptoms improved with less tension in her neck and shoulders, improvement in range of motion opening, and the ability to lift and suction her tongue to the palate.

Some of the symptoms of adult tongue tie or (TOTs)  may include: Forward head posture, inability to open mouth wide, inability to lift tongue, pain in neck/shoulders, reflux, snoring, grinding, headaches, low forward tongue posture and open mouth posture.

Finding a trained specialist and working with a team approach is important in treating tongue ties (TOTs).