Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder Therapy

What causes improper tongue resting or swallowing patterns, open lips or mouth postures?

Certain bottle feeding nipples, thumb sucking, nasal obstructions such as allergies, congestion swollen nasal passages; large tonsils & adenoids, short lingual frenum (tongue tied), muscular or other physiological abnormalities.

  • An evaluation is made to determine if it is the right time to begin treatment. Some patients may require a referral to an appropriate medical provider ensuring the patient has a sufficient airway to achieve successful results.
  • Treatment consists of measurements and observation of their orofacial muscle functions, tongue behavior, swallowing/chewing patterns and lip strength and posture.
  • Exercises will be given with therapy tools to be completed on a daily basis. Therapy visits will be made based upon completion of prior therapy exercises and consists of several phases of treatment.

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